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Welcome to ILLS

Issues in Language and Literary Studies (ILLS) is a peer-reviewed journal of the Language Study Group of Nigeria (LSGN) that has published three editions of collections of essays and research works in the fields of linguistic theory, general language and literary studies.

Given the volume and quality of patronage, from diverse backgrounds, and the acceptance of the three earlier editions published in2013, 2014 and 2015, the collection is now metamorphosed into a full-fledged journal, with reputable scholars as consultants. This publication shall be annual, and contributors are invited to submit reports of original research for consideration in compilation of the maiden edition of the journal which will come out in March 2017. Preference shall be given to the presentation of new theories, as well as data-based papers.

The LSGN is an association of scholars imbued with a burning desire to discuss issues of all human languages; particularly, Nigeria’s indigenous languages and their contact with English and other exogenous languages, at all levels of linguistic analysis.

The establishment of both the group and the journal is considered a milestone development, given the tremendous scholarly interests that English and Nigerian languages, as well as studies of Literature in English and English Literature attract locally, nationally and internationally on a daily basis at different academic fora.